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DAYS OF PRAISE I – With personal 12 Step testimonies by BONNIE‚Äč W. (41 years) & CHRIS K. (10 years), LIVE music all day by the MANDY BROOKS BAND at 3pm, SPRING HILLS CR PRAISE BAND at 5pm and GOSPEL REGGAE from ORANGE COUNTY,

King David’s Band, from Orange County – Gospel Reggae

KING DAVID’S BAND at 7pm, SATURDAY JUNE 24th will truly be a day of praise for the freedom we’ve found through the power of 12 Steps and the Most High God Jesus Christ!

Spring Hills CR Praise Band

Free food, free childcare, fellowship and Holy Spirit-filled songs make the day a complete freedomfest! Join us at SPRING HILLS CHURCH, 3700 Fulton Road in Santa Rosa from 3pm till 9pm!

Mandy Brooks Band


DAYS OF PRAISE I – Saturday CR Barbecue June 24th!

Barbecue! All day music with 3 bands featuring original music from all three! Fellowship and personal testimonies will set the tone for the day – recovery happens at Celebrate Recovery on Saturday nights! June 24th, we start early at 3pm and we don’t stop celebrating recovery till it’s over at 9pm!

With Orange County Gospel Reggae band KING DAVID’S BAND closing the evening (KDB starts at 7pm), the MANDY BROOKS BAND starts it all off at 3pm with Mandy’s unique original songs while the barbecue is just getting hot, followed by the SATURDAY NIGHT CR PRAISE BAND at 5pm!

The Spring Hills CR Praise Band has a special treat on this first DAYS OF PRAISE event! Yes, Worship Leader Twyla has been blessed with leading 7 other worship leaders in this amazing band every week, but that’s not the surprise – band members are bringing original songs to celebrate our freedom from the hurts, habits and hangups from which we USED TO SUFFER! 13 original songs in all, beautiful and rockin’ and sweet songs of praise to celebrate recovery and the freedom we’ve all found in our Higher Power Jesus Christ!

Bring your kids because SPRING HILLS CR provides free childcare if you want it!

Hamburgers, black bean burgers, sodas and water all day will keep our bodies happy while our spirits are fed Christian music all day and personal 12 Step testimonies, how people have overcome their hurts, habits and hangups to find victory through Jesus Christ, THE Higher Power!

More coming….