Spring Hills CR Rockin’ Now!

Spring Hills Saturday night Celebrate Recovery has turned into “The Place To Be” on Saturday nights in Sonoma County!

With a meal at 7pm, the Spring Hills CR Praise Band launches into a set of rockin’ praise and worship every Saturday night followed by Christian 12 Step teaching and/or miraculous personal testimonies. Saturday nights at CR finish up with intimate, inciteful and healing small group time with men’s and women’s Adult/Childhood Trauma groups and Addiction Recovery groups, a Women’s Codependency group and a men’s Sexual Purity Group.

Lifelong emotional wounds are being healed, relationships are being reconciled, and new lives are being started through the world’s most successful recovery program led by the most amazing Healer, the Great Physician, Jesus Christ! Lives are being changed and hearts are being mended, brokenness is being healed at Spring Hills Celebrate Recovery every week on Saturday nights.

Recovery happens on Saturday nights at Spring Hills CR, so come and join us and like so many, consider making this your new home group, forge new friendships and find the valuable support you need for your recovery and let the healing begin!

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